Children of the Night

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(13-018 Allosaurus Fragilis<span id="13-018"/>)
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(13-029 Gorgonopsian War Dog<span id="13-029"/>)
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<br> <br>
-====13-029 Gorgonopsian War Dog<span id="13-029"/>====+====<span id="13-029">13-029</span> Gorgonopsian War Dog====
<gallery> <gallery>
 +image:rp-13-029-03.jpg|<center>13-029<br>Fire-breathing Salamander<br>{{smg|(mislabelled blister)}}
image:rp-13-029.jpg |<center>13-029<br>Gorgonopsian War Dog<br>{{smg|(catalog)}} image:rp-13-029.jpg |<center>13-029<br>Gorgonopsian War Dog<br>{{smg|(catalog)}}
image:RP-13-029a.jpg|<center>13-029<br>Gorgonopsian War Dog image:RP-13-029a.jpg|<center>13-029<br>Gorgonopsian War Dog

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