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These look like Citadel Fiend Factory FF9-1 Carbuncles

Did Archive acquire the mold at some point and is there any way to distinguish between the two?

User: Colin

These are Citadel FF9 sculpts.


Ok, but were these also used by Archive? Or should I remove the image?


Admin 08:39, 8 October 2011 (CDT)

Not that I am aware of. GW produced Archive minis over here for Games Day 1985 (I think that was the year) in blister however they were too chunky for the market apparently. Bryan Ansell and John Stallard swore blind afterwards that they had never produced them....I worked in the Manchester shop at the time, held them in my hand at the Games Day and thought I would wait till they came to the shop so I could get discount.........never saw them again and as above apparently never saw them anyway..... Not aware of Archive getting any form of licence for Citadel production.

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