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John Robertson has “been professionally working in the miniature gaming industry since 1988” [1] when he set up Fantasy Forge in his shed which he bought with a small loan from the Prince’s Trust. [2]I have operated in a number of management as well as creative roles. I am currently working as a full-time sculptor of miniature models extensively in the "wargames" market.” [1]

” After Fantasy Forge, I set up Grendel Productions 93-95, then I went to work for Heartbreaker with Bob Watts in '96, mainly UK operational stuff, handling designers, then after Heartbreaker was bought by Target I went on to run their designs studio: developed Warzone 2nd edition, Chronopia (which I did much of the art direction and wrote a few of the supplement with Peter Flannery I also sculpted the Dark Legion Bio-Giant), and Empire Chronopia- which was sadly not released. Then, with some colleagues, we set up I-Kore in 2000: Void & Celtos, then 2003 Urban Mammoth, 2004 to 2011: Urban War, Metropolis, CLAU Team Actions and Warheads.” John Robertson 11/04/2022

In 2022 John ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a collaboration with Ian Miller to sculpt miniatures based on Ian’s artwork.  [3]

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