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Here are some highly recommended links to other communities and resources for "Out Of Print" Miniatures.

Discussion Groups
Ral Partha Miniatures Yahoo Group
Grenadier Miniatures Yahoo Group
Collecting Citadel Miniatures Yahoo Group
Disciples of Heritage Yahoo Group
Dragontooth Miniatures Yahoo Group
Archive Miniatures Yahoo Group
Chainmail Miniatures Yahoo Group
TSR Miniatures Yahoo Group

Collector Sites
The Stuff of Legends

One of the original and largest miniature collector sites, with information on a large range of manufacturers. The non-Citadel portions of the site have not been updated in years, but still a very useful resource.

Stunties Wiki

If Dwarfs are your thing then Stunties is the place to be, run By Boki Gromdal.

The Blue Mule

A great collection of classic minis from personal collections all painted to a very nice standard.

DnD Lead

The Miniature Art of Dungeons & Dragons

Mega Miniatures MINI-MAG

The Mega Miniatures website hosts a collection of catalogs from a variety of classic miniatures manufacturers.

Metal Magic

Metal Magic Reference Site run by Viruz


Fantasy Miniatures from Companies Old and New. An excellent source of information on many of the older, more obscure, ranges.

Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki

Site associated with the Collecting Citadel Miniatures group. A vast collection of information on Citadel figures and some of the closely related ranges such as Chronicle.

Bob Olley Fan Site

Tony Mansfield's site dedicated to the works of Bob Olley. An attempt to catalog everything ever sculpted by Bob Olley.


Call of Cthulhu Miniatures.

Lead Mini Quarry
Dear Tony Blair

The Dozing Dragon's blog. David regularly posts interesting information about vintage miniatures.


A Japanese collector blog with a huge amount of information. Grenadier seems to be the primary focus but also covers some other companies such as Ral Partha and Hobby Products. Content includes a lot of catalog scans and high quality photos.

Painted Miniatures - Catalogues section

A collection of useful miniatures catalogues.

Mirofsoft - Catalogues section

A collection of mostly historical, but useful miniatures catalogues.

Fantasy Party Store - Catalogues section

A collection of miniatures catalogues.

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