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The purpose of this page is to set out the rules and conventions, which our members are expected to follow.

Adhering to a few simple guidelines when contributing, will make it easier for everyone to use this site and to appreciate your efforts.

Creating a New Page

When creating a new page it is important to give the page a descriptive and unique title. If, for instance, you are creating a page for Grenadier’s Monster Manuscripts range, use the whole title "Monster Manuscripts". A title Like "MM" or "Monster M" may not be helpful to other members who are looking for your new page and the page won’t be well placed by the various Web Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Linking a New Page

After you have created your new page, you will need to link it to the correct category, so other people can find your page on the site. All the pages on Lost Minis Wiki are linked using the [[Category:NAME]] function where NAME is replaced with the name of the Category you want your page to show up in. To work correctly the Category function must be placed on the very bottom line of the page. Please be aware that Category names ARE case sensitive and that a page will only link to an already existing Category. Categories which link to the main page can only be created by Admin or a Sysops.

Creating a Gallery

To create a space for your image to go into you need first to create a gallery. This is done by enclosing your file name and details within the gallery function like this
image:manufacturer-range-code.jpg|<center>FM21 Wizard


Refer to the Images page for guidelines on image creation, sizing and uploading.

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