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Impending Search Synonyms (Sample): rust monster, beholder, conjunctivus, carrion creeper, shuggoth.

Cautions: The collection is sorted not by name, but by unpainted visual appearance, in this case, that of non-classical (mostly D&D creations). This is a kind of catch-all gallery of creatures that are difficult to categorize in terms of real organism similarities, but they are grouped as best we can, first by body type. Creatures that are half-human are listed in the separate Half-Humans gallery. Since this collection may exceed the page length limit, links will be provided for each category as they become overlarge. Also, the collection cannot be expected to be kept up to date, as it is not the main purpose of this wiki to indulge the viewer with these special galleries; hence, a proper search should ensue if your figure cannot be quickly identified from this gallery.

To find the identity of the figure: Simply click on the thumbnail, then, on the page with the pic, scroll down to see what links to that pic and follow the links.

Editors: Please observe the rules and requests at the top of the edit page.

Sculptors: Take note what categories seem neglected!

Collectors: Enjoy the eye candy!


Two-Creature Combos

Yuan-ti - Snake-humans

There are several types of these:

  • Purebloods - minor reptilian surface features (could pass for human with a little effort)
  • Halfbloods
Halfblood Serpentoids - Half-human half snake below the waist
Wretchlings (Scale-covered humanoids)
Snake-headed Beastmen
Snake-armed Humanoids
Ignans - Like Halfbloods, but wielding fire spells - link TBA
  • Abominations
Naga (Human-headed Snake Abominations)
Snake Abominations with humanoid arms
  • Broodguards - also known as histachii - hairless - TBA
  • Holy Guardians - human armed and chested Snake Beastmen
  • Mageslayers - top half human, bottom half snake
  • Anathemas - a writhing snake mass holding up a gargantuan snake head


D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Harbinger #54 Owlbear
Blood War #57 Owlbear Rager
Against the Giants #35 Furious Owlbear
Kenzer & Co Owlbear
DGS Games' Young Grush


Pumpkin-headed Bears

From OD&D and Runequest. The early bugbear artist concepts were literally pumpkinheaded:

“It has been said that this was a miscommunication between Gary [Gygax] and Greg [Bell]; and in fact when relating what he imagined the Bugbear looked like, Gary meant a big roundish head when he said "A head like a pumpkin...", and not an actual pumpkin. Nevertheless, the illustration stayed as originally drawn, with a big pumpkin-headed Monster. So for about three years, every D&D player was battling pumpkin-headed Bugbears. That is, until the Monster Manual was published and set everyone straight.” ~ Source:

Bug-headed Bears

Another early interpretation of the Bugbear.

Jack O' Bears (Pulpy-skulled Bears)

From Runequest.

True Bugbears - large, ugly hairy goblins w. oversized heads

For the early artist concpets of "bugbears", see Bugbear-Kin above (and have a chuckle).

Male Bugbears

Female Bugbears

Umber hulks (& kin): Insect-headed primate-beasts

Since the name of this D&D beastie is rightly claimed as a "Product Identity" by Wizards of the Coast, several alternative names have been applied to unofficial D&D sculpts ("Amber Hulk", "Brawn Hulk", "hulker", "umberbulk", "umber bulk", "umberhulk", etc.). There are several types of umber hulks, including the "undead hulk", "psi-hulk", "Lumbering Hulk"and "shadow hulk". Early (pre-3rd ed. ADD) "vodyanoi" were considered kin to umber hulks. See also the early misconception of Bugbear above: Bug-headed Bears. Citadel has an Ambull.

D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Harbinger #78 Umber Hulk
Desert of Deslation # 57 Umber Hulk Delver
Against the Giants #29 Shadow Hulk


See Deep Ones.

Beholders (& kin): Really big eyeball-things with mouths

Since the name of this D&D beastie is rightly claimed as a "Product Identity" by Wizards of the Coast, several alternative names have been applied to unofficial D&D sculpts. There are several varieties of these "Eyes": "Sphere of Many Eyes", "Eye Tyrant", "Observer", "Spectator", "Eye of the Deep", "Elder Orb", "Hive Mother", "Elder Orb", "Death Kiss", "Director", "Eyeball", "Gauth", "Gouger", "Overseer", "Umbrascarred", "Watcher" and "Death Tyrants".

The true beholder of D&D fame floats in air, rather than rising from legs, stalk or tentacles, as the Reaper "Conjunctivus" does, hence the subcategory below the following gallery for true beholders. Fenryll FM90 Tyrannoeil.

Other Metal:

Kenzer & Co Beholder, Otherworld DM23a - Eye of Terror.
Black Tree Design's M116 Evil Eye

D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:

See PlastiCrypt's PPM Bestiary

Conjuntivus: Beholders rising from stalks or tentacles

The true beholder of D&D fame floats in air, rather than rising from legs, stalk or tentacles, as the Reaper "Conjunctivus" does, hence this subcategory.

Rust Eating Creatures

See also: Pre-Painted plastic D&D Miniatures Dangerous Delves #33 Rust Monster as well as Citadel's AD&D line for a set of these.
Black Tree Design's M125 Rust Monster

Mind Flayers

See Illithids:Cephalopod-Headed Humanoids


Land Sharks, Sharkadillo, Reaper Miniatures' 02919 Burrowing Horror
Pre-Painted plastic: D&D Miniatures Giants of Legend #67, Dungeon of Dread #53

Carrion Crawler

D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Dragoneye #41 Carrion Crawler
Night Below #42 Trained Carrion Crawler
Against the Giants #54 Enormous Carrion Crawler



D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Underdark #56 Roper
Against the Giants #58 Roper


D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Giants of Legend #27 Otyugh
Night Below #44 Lifeleech Otyugh

Hook Horror

D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Aberrations #35 Hook Horror
Dungeons of Dread #57 Hook Horror



D&D Miniatures Pre-Painted plastic:
Underdark #28 Xorn
Against the Giants #30 Xorn Ravager

Creatures Not Listed Here

Blink Dogs

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