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I have been trying to ID some figures but I cannot seem to locate them in the plethora of miniatures here and elsewhere.
All of these are 25-28mm scale unless otherwise noted.

You can make an image gallery here just like you would on any page in order to show your pictures. For example:



These have been consuming too much of my time to find but just have eluded me. Most in this batch have no marking on their base.

Thanks for Identifying my 3 mages as Prince August PA657 Wizards.
And, my Red Orc looking mini w. short cast staff/spear as Prince August PA655 Orcs with the shield matching PA655a.
My Top Hat Tipper was a Lance & Laser 149 Vampires.
The Rider w. Cloak looks like the rider from DragonTooth Personalities P9 Rogue or Thief with the head glued on to be turned back a little and missing the sword, horse and standing version.
And, my "Mace & Shield" figure turned out to be the Heritage Knights and Magick Paint'n'Play Sets Knight with Mace.
My Knight w. Ax & Shield turned out to be from the Grenadier Action Art Series Ranger with Axe.
The one I called an archer was Tin Soldier UK's 25 mm DF67 Rangers.

Hex Base Miniature

There are various manufacturers with hex bases, including Martian Metals, Ground Zero Games, Denizen and Wee Warriors. Any others?

Ground Zero Games

Thank you for Identifying my "2 females & a man" as the Ground Zero Games Street Level SL-16. Yeah, there was a lot of flash on her smoke.

Maybe Ral Partha

but does not specifically say that on them.

Ral Partha

Ral Partha miniatures that need identification.

I found my Ral Partha Imports Necromancer in the Fantasy Specials FS2/32-001 set, on this site!
I found my Ral Partha Elf Fighter from Mounted Heroes 01-403 Cymboril, High Elven Warlord set, on this site!
The Armored Orc w. Mace was found here in Ral Partha's Personalities & Things... as one of 01-160!
What I thought might be an Amazon turned out to be a Ral Partha Colonials 88-014 Zulu uThulwana Regiment, advancing
And, the Ax Fighter was Ral Partha's The Adventurers 98-005 (g) Fantasy Knights

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