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I've collected painted and unpainted miniatures since the early 1980s and have a collection in excess of 15,000 pieces.

I previously hosted an online "museum" of sorts featuring photos of some of the nicest pieces of my collection and info about the artists and painters. I have not restored that site since a server crash, but I still maintain a large database to track details, including name of the figure, the sculptor, painter, manufacturer, series, release date, and other minutia I find interesting about pieces in my collection.

I thoroughly enjoy, and frequently use, the Lost Minis Wiki. Thank you for having me!


Oh yes, and I also paint a bit myself, but I'm admittedly a better collector than painter. Here are a few samples of my minis. And below that is a sampling from the display cases inside the Queen of Credits Museum from some real artists.

My Gallery

Glimpse from the Museum

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