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Kudos. Nice work on the painted figures. -TheGrouch

Nice images for the Dragon Lords 2025 set. If possible could you record the codes found on the bases?

I'd have to figure out how, but I'll try.
It might take me a few days to get around to.

Very nicely done work. Have you ever considered doin a tutorial video. I would loveto see how you paint the eyes on your minis. They look amazing. -Fpswebproject

Hi, no, never actual thought about doing a video before. I'm sure if I tried it would be an excersise in frustration for myself. I mostly use the following technique though:

I paint the space for the eyes a walnut brown. Then over that I put white, just leaving an outline of walnut brown. I let that dry then I pop the dot in the middle with the same walnut brown color, let that dry and then often will paint some other "eye" color (blue, green, red, et cetera) inside the walnut brown dot. For the most part I haven't yet dared do a last white dot to show light reflection, because they are usually so small with Ral Partha stuff. I may try that some day on larger figures.

Hi, you've got quite the gallery of painted figures in here. Any objection to me adding your images to the corresponding main pictures we have for the figures elsewhere on the wiki? Your figures are kind of tucked away on your user page... - Cattwister 00:28, 13 February 2017 (UTC)

Hi Cattwister!
If you would like to put the images elsewhere in the site, please feel free!
Thanks, Mark

Great. :-) But apparently nothing is simple... I've discovered that some of your images have already been re-uploaded under new names... so the same image exists twice on the wiki: once on your gallery page and once in the correct slot elsewhere. Plus, the ones elsewhere don't have spaces in their filenames, but the ones in your gallery sometimes do... this makes me very nervous: apparently filenames work "just fine" these days with spaces in them... shudder. Now, you don't have to do this for your gallery page... but I'd prefer it if we only had one copy of each image and I would prefer the "in-use" filename over your gallery page filename. The advantage of this is that if a user finds your painted image elsewhere on the wiki then it lists your user page in the "The following pages link to this file:" section which leads them to your gallery, and (more importantly, I think) if someone is browsing your gallery and clicks on an image they like then the same section will direct them back to the correct model page where they can get the product code and range to maybe track down the figure for themselves. Anyhow, are you okay with me swapping out the filenames on your gallery page and deleting the now unused images so we only have one image per painted model? Out of the first dozen images in your gallery we have the following "alternative" files:

Also, we didn't have images for those two succubi on the wiki at all - your pictures are now the main images for them! So this exercise definitely seems worth doing if I'm filling up empty slots! - Cattwister 10:02, 14 February 2017 (UTC)

Hi Cattwister,

Yeah, I'm sure this would be fine as long as they don't get erased or deleted from the painted gallery site, I'm okay if you need to change them to have them show up properly elsewhere.

Thanks, Mark

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