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Hi, I've copied all the pictures from the Gallery of Unknowns page to a Flickr album and posted a link to it on the Lost Minis Wiki subreddit. I'm promoting the idea of using Reddit as a better place to post "unknown" images for the Lost Minis Wiki mainly because it's a forum-like website that allows threaded conversations (a wiki really isn't supposed to be used in that way and doing so encourages drive-by accounts from people who want some free mini identification - which is not a problem in small doses). It does, however, mean that LMW users will need to register with Reddit in order to use it (it's free!) but I can anticipate some reluctance to get yet another online account. Plus, in order to use the subreddit fully, users will also need an online image hosting website: Flickr is great but there are many others like Google Photos and Reddit's own imgur service. As you are one of the users who has used the Unknowns Gallery previously I'd be interested to know what you think about this? (also... ahem... I would have emailed you but you don't have your email configured on the Lost Minis Wiki. :-) ) Cattwister 21:09, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

Nice paint jobs. FYI, the category link that you were trying on the 'Silverhawk's Painted Grenadier Miniatures' page wasn't working like you would expect because the 'Silverhawk Miniatures In Color' page isn't a category, rather it is just a regular topic. This is a bit confusing, but the wiki makes a distinction between category pages and topic pages, and you cannot make an association between two topic pages with a [[Category::XYZ]] style annotation. I would suggest that you just add 'regular' links between the two pages, for example on the 'Silverhawk Miniatures In Color' page you could add something like this:

See also [[Silverhawk's Painted Grenadier Miniatures]]

etc. I added a note to your user page (User:Silverhawkminiatures) that uses a topic link to point at your 'Silverhawk Miniatures In Color' page as an example of this sort of intra page linking.

I would also suggest that for your painted figures you should prefix the image names with Silverhawk, for example something like Silverhawk-GrenadierOrcs.jpg rather than just GrenadierOrcs.jpg. This will avoid any naming conflicts, bear in mind that the image filenames are global across the entire wiki and are not scoped per-page like you might expect.

Thegrouch 02:02, 14 September 2010 (MST)

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